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I'm a Webmaster for the Air Protection Division (APD), EPA Region 3 in Philadelphia and in April 2006, I wrote an article for CFDJ entitled "How ColdFusion MX 7 Made Me a Hero at the Office" (Volume 8, Issue 4). That article described how I harnessed the power of ColdFusion to improve access to our most vital business information. Now, I'm back to fill you in on how I've been able to use Flash Forms and Flex to revitalize our applications and make them even more potent than before. Since writing my previous article I've been busy reading up on and learning everything I can about Flex 2, MXML, Actionscript, and Flash Forms. I've also been hard at work incorporating these new technologies into my applications. I say "new" because although they've been around for some time, I haven't actually used these technologies in my own applications until now. First, I'll descr... (more)

Test Driving ColdFusion 8

(May 12, 2007) - You may have heard this before, but it's truer now than ever - it's a great time to be a ColdFusion developer. ColdFusion 8 is coming soon, and it will bring with it an array of new tags and features for developers who want to build sophisticated, feature-rich Web applications easily. I've been busy experimenting with the ColdFusion 8 beta release from Adobe and let me assure you the software is going to have a huge impact on the RIA (rich internet application) universe and on Web application development in general. It's going to open up a world of new possibilit... (more)

How ColdFusion MX 7 Made Me a "Hero" at the Office...

Let me begin by saying that I don't consider myself a ColdFusion expert. In fact, I didn't even write my first ColdFusion application until 2004. Nevertheless, ColdFusion MX 7 still has made me a "hero" (as Simon would put it) at the office, and this is how it happened. I am a Webmaster for the Air Protection Division, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 3, in Philadelphia. In June 2004 I wrote my first ColdFusion application in ColdFusion 5, which was the only version of the ColdFusion server available to me then. A Microsoft Access database served as the back end for... (more)

CFDJ Feature — Create a Pseudo-dynamicWeb Site with CF

You have to love a software product that makes developers, even relatively inexperienced ones, productive quickly and empowers them to do seemingly impossible things. The more I work with and learn about ColdFusion the more it seems as if there are no limits to what can be done with it. I've experienced the "ColdFusion can do anything" effect on a number of occasions after having used it for some programming task that I previously thought was impossible. Just when it seemed I'd hit a dead end and was about to give up, a quick look through the ColdFusion documentation or some other... (more)